HP Olympics Coverage: Congrats Chee & Ray Get The Senior Discount In China

Ray: So first and foremost, congratulations to Chee and his brethren from the Subcontinent on Abhinav Bindra’s gold medal performance in some random shooting event (OK, OK, the 10-meter air rifle), India’s first individual win in Olympic history. Kingfishers are on me!

In other news, ethnic pride wants me to be excited about the Chinese women winning the team gymnastics gold, but the strong visual evidence that they circumvented the 16-year-old age limit makes it feel kinda tainted. Apparently, faking age documentation is relatively common in international gymnastics, but IOC President Jacques Rogge thinks it’s up to each country’s sports federation to police itself on the age issue. According to the what I read in the SF Chronicle, he said the IOC couldn’t possibly “go and check every one of the 10,500 athletes present.”

Ummm, hi? Bullshit? This isn’t a P.A.L. baseball game we’re talking about here, we’re talking about the Olympics (insert Allen Iverson saying “Practice”). The Olympics (insert Jim Mora saying “Playoffs!!??”)! And last time I checked, I can’t think of another one of 100 or so sports that has a problem with athletes breaking age limits, so what’s the problem here Jacques? They manage to steroid test the athletes, right?

On a side note on gymnastics, how about that Alicia Sacramone, huh? What an amazing… athlete (relax, she’s 21… with strong visual evidence).


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