They’re Here! They’re Finally Here!

Ray: Try as I might to be jaded about Olympic sports – what with all the doping that’s been coming to light recently – once that cheesy opening montage and speech comes on at the start of the open ceremony telecast, I’m hooked. Let the games begin.

Things I’m looking forward to: the 100m showdown in track, the Redeem Team in hoops, judo, the possibility of a Nadal vs Federer match for the gold and Michael Phelp’s run at history (even if they’re not all gold, it’d still be an amazing feet).

Thing I’m getting tired of: people who want to separate the politics from the sports. Last time I checked there aren’t a lot of events that attract the eyes of the world all at once. And really, if politics didn’t factor into how the games run and it’s just “China’s turn”, then we would have had an Olympics in Africa or South America by now. Given China’s status in the world and I’m glad that they’re hosting at this time because it shines a light on both the positive and the negative that’s taking place there. I am though, already tired of some of the hypocrisy from the NBC script writers when they described the new China as “a land of many, controlled by the few.” Ummm, last time I check, that’s every industrialized country. And correct me if I’m wrong, but I looks a lot like the new China took a lot of inspiration from the old US.


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