Way Down In The Hole…

Chee: My five favorite characters on ‘The Wire’

Jay Landsman–A company man through and through, but he has brilliant moments, many of which come at McNulty’s expense, but he steals every scene he is in, and there probably hasn’t been a funnier big man on television than him.

Dookie– Du’Quan IS Oliver Twist, but wiser, kinder and gentler.

Stringer Bell–He put an end to the bullshit made-for-tv street kingpin. He wasn’t into the stereotypical goals (women, cars, jewels) Nah son! String was dressed for Wall Street, drove a Burgundy Camry, and took night classes to master his economics. His Joseph Kennedy-cum-Donald Trump ambitions seemed feasible, and he almost pulled it off…

Bunny Colvin–For being a revolutionary; no matter how fucked up the reality of AmsterDAMN was.

Lester Freamon–Dude really was ‘Way Down in The Hole’, but he waited it out until they forgot about him. And as the seasons passed, I think we got to see just how patient and brilliant he was/is. Freamon IS, i’d argue, the smartest cop on ‘The Wire’, but, he needs McNulty’s recklessness to put his brilliance in motion.


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