Famous Dudes With Chick Names

Ray: Just a topic that came up on the Gary Radinich Show on KNBR this morning that got me thinking. Here’s what I came up with:

Gale Sayers – HOF Running Back

Tori Hunter – Center Fielder

June Jones – Football Coach

Rosey Grier – Former NFL Football Player & Actor

Kobe Bryant – Basketball Player, Alleged Rapist & Fan of the Backdoor Surprise (his inclusion is debatable, but since adult movie star Kobe Tai was famous first, he’s in)

Candy Maldonado – SF Giants 80’s Legend

Howard “Bunny” Colvin (The Wire) – Fictional Retired Baltimore City Police Major, if you tell anyone they call him Bunny, he’ll cut your balls off

Leslie Neilsen – Comedian

Alice Cooper – Heavy Metal Icon

Sue (From Swingers) – Fictional Unemployed Actor, Concealed Gun Holder, Anaheim Thug (“No, you’re a bitch!”)

Lynn Swan – HOF Wide Receiver, Black Republican

Sandy Alomar & Sandy Alomar Jr. – Former Major League Baseball Players

Vernell “Bimbo” Coles – Former NBA Point Guard (inappropriate? maybe… but i’m a rapper!)

Jackie Joyner Kersee – Olympic Gold Medalist (OK, that was bad)

Chee: Okay, more epicene madness…

Leslie “Freeway” Pridgen- The scariest bearded lady-rapper ever…Free, if you’re reading this, i’m kidding man. But, I can see why you don’t go by your government name ala Kanye.

Jordan Farmar- NBA player. Everytime I hear his name, I imagine a new FHM “it” girl.

Adrian Peterson- NFL Running Back. Eh, kinda middlesexed out name. Blame this one on Stallone though.

Cameron Giles- Rapper. DipSet Capo or something. Goes by Cam’Ron. Might have dropped the ‘E’, but, he did start the pink movement.

Hayden Christensen- Shares name with girl from ‘Heroes’. You know, “Save the cheerleader, save the world”.

Lindsey Hunter- NBA player.

Nicky Barnes- O.G.

Robin Thicke- Son of Alan. Brother of Ray.

Chee: I got a few more…

Dominique Wilkins- NBA legend. (Ray: victim of a robbery witnessed by millions… ’88 Slam Dunk Contest anyone? Yeah, I was rooting for MJ too, but I was 12 and a sucker for marketing)

Sidney Poitier- Guess who’s coming to dinner?

Morgan Freeman- This one isn’t super femme, but this is one epicene name I could live with; the one above too.

Dale Earnhardt Jr. and Sr.- R.I.P Sr. (Ray: Dale’s a chick name? Proposed naming rule, if you’re straight and you wouldn’t date the name, it doesn’t count) Chee: Touche

Pat Robertson- Televangelist. (Ray: Pat? Pat don’t count. We could build a whole list on Pats alone)

Terry Bradshaw- HOFer NFL Quarterback.

Asante Samuel – I propose a naming rule. Any first name that ends in a vowel should be considered a feminine name. Thoughts?

Kim Jong Il- The only other Kim crazier than Eminem’s Kim.


Jan-Michael Vincent – Washed up 80s TV star, Pilot of Airwolf

Kelly Downs – 1980s SF Giants Pitcher, The Atlee Hammaker After Atlee Hammaker and the Shawn Estes Before Shawn Estes

Kelly Slater – Pro Surfer

Kerry Wood – Single Game Strikeout King

Sandy Koufax – HOF Pitcher, Greatest Jewish Athlete since Samson

Chee: Okay, here’s we go.

Babe Ruth: Hell, his name is babe.

Fran Tarkenton: NFL Quarterback

Shannon Sharpe: NFL Tight End.


Tracy MacGrady – NBA All-Star

Shia Lebeuf – Actor, Son of Indiana Jones, Friend to the Autobots

Stacy Augmon – Former NBA Player, Lengendary Running Rebel


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