If a tree fell in a forest and you didn’t hear it…


From AP:Roger Clemens got some help in his public relations push from an old teammate Tuesday, when the Associated Press obtained a sworn affidavit in which Jose Canseco said he has never seen Clemens “use, possess or ask for steroids or human growth hormone.”

The affidavit, dated Jan. 22, is part of the evidence gathered by the congressional committee holding Wednesday’s hearing at which Clemens will appear.

“I have never had a conversation with Clemens in which he expressed any interest in using steroids or human growth hormone,” Canseco said in the affidavit.

“Clemens has never asked me to give him steroids or human growth hormone, and I have never seen Clemens use, possess or ask for steroids or human growth hormone.”

Chee: Just when I was convinced that the Rocket was shootin’ straight dope in his buttocks. Jose’s like “nah, I’ve never seen him do it.” Word is bond, affidavit that shit Sen. Waxman.

I wonder if Clemens will get an Executive Producer credit in the Canseco film, “Juiced”. http://www.nytimes.com/2008/01/24/sports/baseball/24canseco.html

And is it me or does Jose resemble Manolo from “Scarface”?


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