Grand Opening, Grand Closing

Ray: So Chee had this idea to have us create a Himalayan Project blog. I guess the idea is to record some of our conversations for posterity… as if recording 3 albums wasn’t enough. Anyway, he seems to think it’d be a good exercise and like a proper domestic partner, I’ve decided to not put up much of a fight and go ahead and start it up. I guess he can explain what we’ll be riffing about and how exactly this is any different than the personal blog that he started up when he first moved to LA and failed so miserably in updating after 3 entries (he insists on keeping its location under wraps, but trust me he pulled his best James Baldwin act after a promising debut).

Chee: Sports. Music. Writing. Work. Politics.

Ray: That’s deep and informative, dude. Glad to see you’re putting that Masters in Creative Writing to good use.

Chee: The way I see it, this blog can provide a nice platform to build on. I know that you read a ton of verbage on sports, politics, and music each day. I do the same. And in the course of a day, we probably email each other a few times and talk on the phone for a few minutes. We end up talking shit and/or discussing ‘The Wire’ or something sports or music related. And what usually happens, at least for me, is that I end up giving half-formed opinions on something that I have not read yet, but am aware of, due to you telling me it’s true. This blog can have the actual article linked, along with your filtered opinion and then, I can take it with a grain of salt and throw some pepper on it;well, here, let me demonstrate.

Chee: Amir Khan is going to be the greatest boxer. Ever.
Ray: Hmm. I don’t know. Let me tell you why (Insert long story filled with fun facts, some Ken Burns historic perspective, and of course, Ray’s refusal to anoint anyone as the greatest in anything. It’s cause he doesn’t believe in god. I know it.)
Chee: Whatever, he’s the best right now.
Ray: Dude, you never saw Sugar Ray fight huh? Oh yeah, that was before you came to this country (note: stock answer to discredit me at any and every turn.)
Chee: You’re right. (silence)
Ray: So what are you up to this weekend?

Ray: Touche’.


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